Advocate of the Unwanted

by From These Ruins

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released September 20, 2016

Recorded by Logan Purcell at Don't Look Down Studios in Greenwood, IN. Produced by Chad Anderson, Rusty Sparks, Timothy Hartman and Logan Purcell. Co-Produced by From These Ruins.


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From These Ruins Indiana

When they released their debut EP, Brotherhood, in May 2012, their message was clear as were their influences- Killswitch Engage, Demon Hunter and Bullet for My Valentine, just to name a few. From These Ruins have definitely found and defined a dynamic of aggressive passion, melodic vocals, and groove-heavy drums with grinding guitars. all of the social networking sites.
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Track Name: Pesticide

Suicide was always on my mind. It was a former life there was a
Psychopathic hate in me
and it would never leave the me I used to be
And I would fantasize the blood dripping from my blade
Manifested rage where’s amazing grace

Wait how did I come this way
Like a moth into the flame
How did I fall so far from heaven
I begin to wonder why I breathe and yet I die
Please give me back my soul intention

The waters raising The fires raging The blood is shedding

Pesticide to kill the parasites. That made a mother cry
It was the last hope for me
To survive to make it out alive. It was a sacrifice bleed in bleed out
Died by the hater’s hand
By Father’s command
By this now I stand

I’m breaking down losing ground
Evil thrives in my mind
How will I kill malignant will
I will try .... Pesticide

Die parasites by pesticide Bleed in bleed out
Die treacherous life goodbye Bleed in bleed out
Demon hear us leave us now!
Track Name: Run To Win
Run To Win

Pass by the dead in the night
And to the rendezvous
In the woods time to fly. Run to win
Haste to the place before the day breaks
I will lead the way stay close behind. Run to win

Fast as you can don’t look back and
Run to win
Fall get back up get back in
Run to win

Take me so far away I can’t see the sun
Where tomorrow will never come

If you want to live forever young
Then do as I do
Time is running out leave it all. Run to win
Path through the trees secretly
And to the great escape
Want to win then jump in. Run to win
Track Name: Unwanted

I can only take so much until something breaks
Will it be my want for life or will it be your face

I am the most unwanted I take the air you breathe
and I have no real purpose in your reality
When I lay in bed at night remembering all you said
I think of taking my own life or put a gun to your head

Then I realize you're just a puppet
cut your strings off and you're a nothing

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
the most important commandment the master gave us
for survival. Friend them that are unfriended that's what we must do

I try my best to avoid you you use me to be amused
you are no better than me though you make me believe it's true.
Will you have my blood on your hand would you be satisfied
Will I snap and come for you would you run and hide

I'll run to them who came for me
a place where I can just be me
Fall back in each other's arms
wipe the tears and heal the scars
Hold up your shield of faith
Track Name: Enamored

The lightning is flashing the thunder is clapping
And I see your face
Nothing else better I’m light as a feather
In my faith

I’m so far away
from all the pain and doubt and
I need no praise
‘cause I’m evolving beyond this life

My heart is drumming like the second coming
To die is to live
I was a victim no more a sick one
Now to begin

If you only knew all that I’ve been through
You would understand why I’m who I am
Track Name: Watch It Burn
Watch It Burn

Never been so underestimated
Never been so angry and frustrated
Don’t mean to sound cold
But it’s out of my control
What is written will be completed

The moral decline blind leading the blind
Foxes in the field signs of the time
Burn watch it burn watch me light the flame

Not all is as it seems Illuminati schemes
But in the end will be Bliss reality

Everything’s so upside down
Mass delusion identity holocaust
What confusion everything would be okay
If we all just went away
So here we go til the conclusion

Spiritual genocide hatred for my kind
Ashes to ash like Nero’s night light
Burn watch it burn watch me light the flame
Track Name: Losing Control
Losing Control

I feel it I hear it it’s burning deep inside my soul
But this time I won’t fear it and now I’m
Losing control

Choking life right out of me trying to find serenity
Broken by the world again
(Don’t you tell me I’m the one who’s)
Dying to friend the enemy trying to make an end to me
No more will I be left for dead
(You won’t take my faith)

Paranormal coming for me gonna offer up my blood
It’s defective be perfected God and I be one

What’s this coming over me feel it taking over me
Spirit altering my mind
(I can feel you can you hear me)
Something changed inside of me hear it speak inside to me
Tell me purpose of my life
(You want to scream I want to leave)

I never sleep I barely eat these drugs hijacked my life
I’m seeing things that don’t exist despise the morning light
I’m in love or I’m in hate or I’m in lust with flesh
I put the gun up to my head...
(Do I pull the trigger)

A violent gust of wind comes and slams open the door
I open up my eyes and wonder why
To lose control to sell my soul I feared insanity
Until the day He called my name the blinded eyes to see
Track Name: Feed From Me
Feed From Me

They look to me I look to you
I hold my hand out and thank you
They hunger you they feed from me
All that I have all that is me
All that I am I give to you
So that they have all that they need

And then I feel something biting me
I scream in agony. My flesh is torn apart
Who are you to feed from me

Steal from the mouth of God
I will break loose from your jaws
But for those who truly need
Come feed from me

Then there is my disease
The cancer of my life. You will not stop me
Even if I have to die

I’m not the one I’m not the Son
I’m just a representation
Of something more than you or me
Track Name: Traces

See you in the sweet by and by
Today you earned the tears that I cry
I draw from memories to keep you here with me
See you there
When my battle is done and I lay down my guns
Blessed to see you again I’ll miss you until then

Life just 1 drop within a sea endless ocean
I will see you there

Selfish as it may seem I want you here with me
Dance with angels tonight embrace me when I arrive

Life just 1 drop within a sea - endless ocean
Time - illusions of mortality - no corruption
Death is swallowed up in victory - where is thy sting
I will see you there

Dine with God tonight never be forgotten
all of my time with
You will never die all the good and bad ones
happy and the sad ones
Time don’t mean a thing just an illusion never gonna lose you
I will see you there in the life after that is all that matters

Traces of you and me empty spaces and memories
Lately all I see is you consolation I’ll see you soon
Track Name: Divination

Like a modern Frankenstein
Die to be brought to life
Storm is coming raise me high
Flip the switch It’s alive

Psychosis energy tells me go away
I will not listen nor will I obey
I hear the whispers but this is not the same
This child of despair will rise
and walk this way

I will be revived
By the flashing of the light
Storm is coming raise me high
Flip the switch It’s alive

These voices these voices
Telling me things I don’t want to do
These voices these voices
I’m screaming at them won’t listen to you

I stumble to the front with wounds of my war
They gather from behind
to help me through the door
I see an oasis a place for which to rest
I feel you enter because I am loved to death
Track Name: Slave To Nothing
Slave to Nothing

Push me in the circle, so I’ve got to fight
That’s alright
Telling me I’m wrong when I know I’m right
Saying that I’m lost though I know I win
Not a sin
Try to shut me down when I’m looking up

Walk through the dead and dance in the stars
Look in my eyes and see the scars
After all the filth and hell I’ve seen
I’m not a slave to anything

Free. You can’t chain me
Turning them all into slaves but not me
You know, to whom I speak
For whom the Son has set free is free indeed

In the prison and in the grave
Got away
By the flame and by the holocaust
Never lost
By the blade and in the lions den
So think again
I’ve been freed by the wood and by the nail

Walk through the fire and dance in the flame
Your silhouette doesn’t look the same
Never believe there is no hope
Put you hands together get ready, set, go

In the darkest of cells, In the presence of hell
From the darkness I praise, Hear the snapping of chains

When alone don’t be afraid
Can’t be held by a six foot grave
One way out from a life of pain
And it doesnt invlove a razor blade

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